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"Masts In The Mist" - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - 2007
There is something soothing about the sound of boats moored to a dock. The gentle creaking of their mooring lines as the tide pushes in and out... the sound of ropes quietly knocking against a mast to the slow rocking of the boat in its berth.
"Misty Morning" - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - 2007
The mornings always start the same way here - shrouded in mist so thick you'd think the world had gotten lost... As you approach the water a little pocket of clear air will appear now and again. And you see the power of the wind as it blows into the coast from the mighty Pacific Ocean.
"The Morning Mast" - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - 2007
During the months of May and June the area in which I live experiences a phenomenon called "The May Grey" and "The June Gloom". This period of anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks is known for a permanent marine layer of fog that never recedes, even in the hottest part of the day. You can see a wall of fog, sometimes 300ft tall - standing like some barrier to another world as you approach the coast.
"The Coming Storm" - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - 2007
As winter approaches the fog recedes and you have these beautiful, clear days. But as the year closes out you'll sometimes get these powerful ocean storms that will obstruct your view of the Pacific Sunset. Oddly, these storms look ominous and dark but rarely do they provide the much needed rain that my drought-stricken area so desperately needs.
"Cruise Ship Sunset" - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - 2007
On clear nights the sunset explodes in a rich wash of orange, yellow, and red. Southern California between Pismo Beach and San Diego offers some truly beautiful scenery for the impressionist painter willing to be patient with the weather and wanting to embrace the vibrant colors that are true to this unique and beautiful land.
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These are so beautiful! "The Coming Storm" almost looks like a watercolor, it's so attuned to the subject matter. Thank you so much for sharing these! You're very talented ^_^