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1. Scientist have discovered the chemistry behind the blinking lights in fireflies. It’s pretty light news.
2. The smell of weed is not enough to warrant a search by a cop in Arizona. The court case blunt-ly stated that "scent alone does not disclose whether a crime has occurred."
3. Android-based micro-gaming console Ouya was sold to Razer. It’s really hard on the people that love them, they might need to be console-d.
4. Internet activists rigged congress fax machines to make a statement about privacy online. They hope to leave an in-print on the situation.
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Holy smokes! Arizona's weed law is crazy. Although I guess it makes sense, especially if they haven't found any incriminating paraphernalia.
thanks for the link, yo! love the punniness.
Anytime! Thanks for contributing to the news community @VinMcCarthy
It's interesting right @danidee? I'm really curious if other states will follow their lead.