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While this is definitely a picture worth more than a thousand words (now I kinda want to use this picture as a post on its own just analyzing the two's expressions...), this post is dedicated to the relationship Seungri has with the other members in Big Bang! Whenever he's involved, somehow, everyone would shift the topic so that Seungri would be made fun of. As mean as that sounds, it all ends up pretty amusing to the rest of us, so here's a few videos of Seungri's interactions with the Big Bang members!
Seungri sings Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips, and it was great!! (considering all the times they've made fun of how he sings)
Seungri's known for always making fun of G-Dragon's voice, and he does it no better than in this fan meet in Japan, when he sang GD's Crooked! (and then even more cheekily says "crayon")
And of course, G-Dragon fires it right back whenever he can, however he can. "No, Seungri's just got that something about his voice... that everyone has to make fun of," which he does successfully in front of the lil' ones-- Winner.
Last but not least (of this video compilation), all of the Big Bang members gang up one by one to make fun of Seungri! What's a phone call with Seungri if it didn't have some jabs at his personality? Hope you found this compilation as funny as I did!


he is so loved by the members
@shjej5835 so, so very much indeed