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okay, I know I shouldn't try get into another group, but its Kpop..there's no end really haha So I'm curious about Got7! I really like this song & the message it has in the lyrics. I know of Jackson cuz I follow Jackson bias on twitter but I don't know anything about Got7 other than this song. So tell me about them! ^^ I'd like to know a little about the group before I go to KCON!
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All I can say is #TEAM MARKSON
they are so cute!!! this will be a never ending maze so welcome lol
@JonesyonMars okay thank you!! I'll check out RealGot7 then! ^^
they're gr9. 馃槏 jb & jr. first debuted as jj project and acted in a drama called dream high 2. my lido babies. my first bias in got7 is mark though! you should watch markson in after school club! also watch igot7 episodes. you'll easily fall in love with the boys ^.^
oh and youngjae is a bias breaker