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1. Super Junior Sorry Sorry it's you 2. Was watching a Taiwanese drama and their was recommendation on the side. It had lists of kpop. 3. None (not a fan of girl groups) 4. Kibum from super junior 5. Super Junior, Big Bang, TVXQ, Shinee, 2pm, Mblaq, Beast, and Ukiss. (Listed in order) can't choose watched all of them at the same time. Lol 6. Super Junior sorry sorry (I can only do the hand movements) haha 7. BTS, Block B, and MonstaX 8. Star Golden Bell (where they had to speak English), Star King (kang ho dong is hilarious). 9. Big Bang, Beast, 2pm, and ukiss 10. Super junior and Big Bang albums and posters and Big Bang chibi socks lol 11. I get all the sleep I want. 😁😁😁 12. I don't get sleep at all. 😳😳😳😍😍😍
I finally got to it. @BlockBVillains sorry I took forever. Enjoy! :) I tag those who haven't done it 😆👇🏻✌🏻️👌🏼 *i was too Lazy to add gifs* lol