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We are one
Before you read....i had to get this off my chest. if you feel offended or disagree with me...respectfully comnent or message me. Thank you first off. i know exo and exols have been going through a tough time. Some people support all 12 some all 11...10 maybe just 9. whatever the case may be we cant bash ex members or whatever. You can but just think about what they might be going through behind cameras. alot of idols who arent from Korea could be getting abused or mistreated not all .... but some..... Someone from Toppdogg was as I read felt tge same way Tao, kris or luhan probaly might feel. you can agree with me you can disagree with me just remember this..... Bashing someone on the internet is the same as cyber bullying( in my opinion.) think before you comment ...your words could hurt them even more than how they hurt you when they left so lets Keep supporting exo through the tough times!, #Fighting thank you for reading. #EXOWEAREONE #12 #11 #10,#9
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I agree with this whole heartedly :) 9 in my eyes 12 in my heart <3
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