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If you are going to go the route of wedding favors for your guests, they should be something incredibly useful or completely edible! You all probably know by now that I am not a fan of wedding favors. Firstly, I find them to be a money pit and lastly, they almost always find their way to the dumpster!
Do you want to know HOW MANY favors I've found in the men's room at venues?!?!?!
1. Donuts--because who wouldn't want Krispy Kreme with their whiskey
2. Champagne--Or a California varietal will do.
3. Bottled rosemary-infused olive oil.
4. Homemade chunky salsa (or verde, if you prefer).
5. Honey. Think outside the box and try infused honeys.
6. S'mores! Totally cool, even if it's not a campfire wedding in Montana.
7. French Macarons. These are my FAVORITE because of how delicate, tasty and elegant they are.
8. Pop Corn. Love this stuff! And if it looks like this?...Yes please!
9. Coffee (or tea). I may not drink the stuff, but it's a fun and unique favor that will not go to waste!
What other edible favor ideas have you seen or heard of that would be just as awesome as these nine? Please share below in the comments.