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Hi, Hola! annyeong! ~L. M.y.alpha here!! This is my story of me meeting kpop for first time and what it has done to me. kehehe (kinda long) I got into kpop at age 15-16 by accident (fate/destiny!). I was listening to music on pandora when a strang sing started to play. I didnt understand the lyrics so I was like...
what? whats this?? O.o At first I was like "eeeh lets thumbs down it" but I was to lazy so I listened to the whole song. Found out it was korean music and was like
Oh! this song isnt bad. the song was TVXQ - Why, keep your head down. I seached up the song on YouTube and youtube led me to other korean music. My curiosity awoke and I ended up looking at the videos
at first my reactions were like waaaah? iuuuhhh?! ooooh! dang! whoa!! They dance amazing, music is awesome, and most of them looked handsome/beautiful. whated a lot of TVXQ . when they were 5 to 2 of them. them Big bang and shinee . IT WAS
the world of kpop blow my mind, their voices, looks, and skills!! (BOOM!! ) I fell in love with it all. Every time I found out about a new kdrama or MV from my favorite groups I would be like
but then I somehow ended up getting attached to one particular singer from a group....and the feelz man! Everytime I heard his voice, name or saw him, it made me feel like
uuuhhhng! >.< It was painful for me...sigh..... also i was getting way to addicted to kpop that i got lack of sleep and all
noouhg meeeh . My parents would get onto me and even my younger sister was getting onto me. sooo i had to make a sad heartbreaking difficult decission. I had to leave kpop and run
replace responsibilities with kpop.
I tried to run, I tried to escape.
I had a little trouble at first but then
I thought I did it! I went months, almost a year without kpop but then kpop was like
oh no you didnt, you mine girrrrllll
kpop caught me , grabbed me O.O, and locked me up >.<
I tried to get out over and over. i couldn't. kpop loved me to much and i it. so after that i was like whatever's and went back to loving my oppa
now i totally
maybe next year i might go to south korea with my mom.
this is what i have become. lol Hope you enjoy! love this app!! so worth it! congratz to whoever wins them big bang tickets!! take pics and share!! X] ~L. M.y.alpha out! until next time!!
basically what we all went through. I only went a whole quater of a school year without kpop or Kdramas. thats ten weeks people. ten miserable weeks of doing homework at the college's like library. I love my studies, studying for hours can get tyring.
@szewwy lol that's good! I know ! XD I plan to take pictures and videos and share them!
I live the gifs lol, that would be totally awesome if you go to south korea!
Lesson: There is no escape and we like it that way lol. Thanks for sharing your story
@lamrotamrot yeah , you're welcome!