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Wedding Cake Divinity: Blue And Gold
Is it just me or is this cake absolutely AMAZING?! The turquoise blue and the brassy gold come together in such a majestic way, I am in love!
Located in DeLand, Florida, the cake was created by Bliss Pastry and shared on social media today by Colin Cowie. What could look like a one-hit wonder here is actually a work in progress. Bliss Pastry creates stunning looks, but what I want to show you is this epic color combination that they have perfected through a series of different cakes.
Perhaps being so close to the ocean is what inspires many of these cakes. Perhaps it's the clientele. Either way, I am mesmerized by these cakes and would love to see this in person. For more stunning cakes, click here to see my Tiered Only Wedding Cakes.
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