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Wait, I thought it was just that one person. There are multiple people sending him death threats!?!?!?!?!?!?
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@ZeroTheRaven That one person got the spotlight on her just because her tweet affected those who attended TRB in NYC but she's not the only one sending death threats. Every time Namjoon posts something on Twitter there is always that one person telling him to "Go Die" or "Apologize." Sometimes they write things so cruel that I can't even bring myself to read it because it will hurt me. People seem to forget that idols are human as well.
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ok... I don't understand... what did he do that people is sending him death threats?! can someone please explain?
2 years ago·Reply
@Alinaxx94 something about Jhope and V's skin being so dark that he couldn't see them when it was dark. It was probably an innocent Korean phrase but I guess he didn't choose the proper words and now everybody is acting a fool.
2 years ago·Reply
oohh... thanks for explaining @livelovelizz55 😊 I just can't understand that from words that probably were meant as a joke someone could die... seriously... 😒
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