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So, you decided to let your dye hair grow out but the tiny peak of natural color is not coordinating well with your entire hair. Unlike getting a trim, growing out your hair is always going to be a drag. First of all, your hair is going to look different month because of the growth process. Second, you might be tempted to recolor the roots and dye it with another color. Whatever it is, this is how to make the grow phases less traumatizing.

1. What to do when your shade is far from your natural color?

Go to your hairdresser and ask for sombre! This highlighting technique will merge the two colors together so the gradient from your roots to ends will look softer than an ombre. I recommend going to the salon because your hair dresser can find the perfect medium for the two shades.

2. It's not a bad idea to go ombre.

Sometimes, a dramatic ombre will make your hair appear more interesting, especially if you play with texture. Adding curls to the end will can blend the awkward line and it looks extremely romantic.

3. Sometimes a tinted hair glaze is all you need.

This method will may not hide your roots but it will make soften the look of harsh roots. Basically, the tinted glaze cover your whole head to blend with your natural color.

4. It's the best reason to go short!

Ombre and short hair is more attractive than you think. Take a look at the examples above. The short cut and gradient color is young, modern and fresh. This is also the simplest way to give yourself an entirely new look without altering or adding any color. Plus, you'll get tons of compliments.