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Where are you? Why are you gone? What could we have done differently? And what about your treasure? Will this man take care of him? Love him as I have loved you? Will I see you again? My daughter, my princess You've broken my heart But a piece shall always be with you A fathers love Everlasting A fathers tears Shed for you Its not easy Like seeing you fall Off a cliff Watching you plummet No way to grab you And hold you To shield you To save you But know this I will always Love you Jaret, Santiago I'll be here Waiting for you
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@nicolejb I can promise you he does :)
this is touching, which is awesome considering the relatively short length. a brief insight to a father's love and sadness. dope.
This is so beautiful!!! I'm so sad now but I'm really glad you tagged me @buddyesd this is lovely :)