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Okay so some of us may know that our beloved Kwon Ji-Yong was born in the year of the Dragon 1988. To be exact August 18, 1988 His birthday aproaches!!! But thats not the point
But I was on the Internet doing what I usally do, just stalk-.....I mean researching Yes reasearching G-Dragon.
So started looking at his Chinese Zodiac sign which is the dragon and then I saw it: "Unlucky Number: 8" ....... yup born unlucky (Please tell me im not the only one who goes aroind looking up zodiac signs and stuff like it just me? "Yes" okay im sorry)
"Lame!!!" .......I know I know have nothing better to do right now. Dont judge me lol QUESTION: What year were you born in (What's your chinese zodiac sign) I was born in the year of the dragon (March 3, 2000) yeah.....I guess the 3 makes me also "unlcuky" lol
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I got curious about this topic and found out I'm a wood Dog '94 🐕🐶 but then I read this: "The Dog is most compatible with the Horse or Tiger and incompatible with the Rooster and Dragon." 😲💔 WHAT?! incompatible with Dragon?! 😱 WHY?!! 💔
@Alinaxx94 Hey G-Dragon is supposed to unlucky but he's making it more than fine :) A Dog could Marry a Dragon!
@AsianInvasion97 thanks 😌 your words made me feel better 😊
Year of the Rabbit
year of the rat lol 96