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I made the entire costume except for the fuku, which was sewn by Jenni Bon, the tiara and choker gem which were created by Catzia's Collectibles at Secret Studio Store, and the brooch which was made by UniqueCosplayProps on etsy.
Wig is the Ferrari by Arda Wigs in Mako Green.
I was really pressed for time with this costume, especially because I had to last minute make @starberry's entire skirt, armor, and glove rolls. When we pull these out again I definitely plan on taking nearly everything apart and re sewing it.
(Photos by Yenra Photography)
"Angie walking into our hotel room soaking wet with no explanation was one of the best moments of Otakon." - Alex Pinku 「ピンク」
I was lucky enough to shoot in a pool at Otakon with Yenra Photography! There were two groups of people on either side of the pool that stopped swimming and talking and just watched without us asking them to do anything. It was a magical moment of Otakon that I'm grateful Ken was able to capture for me <3
Wow this is amazing!! you look awesomeeeeeeeeeeee I'm really tempted to just dye my hair that color lol
Oh my god – this is one of my favorite cosplays I've ever seen! I LOVE the sailor scouts! You look drop-dead gorgeous. Incredible job @Angelipon :D
Dude, this is amazing! It's a perfect look. I'm sure you had a ton of fun with this photoshoot! ^_^
You look so lovely! I never would have guessed you were short on time while making this costume. Neptune is such an awesome character. The pool pictures are so worth it haha :D
I cannot believe you just hoped in the pool lololol!!!!