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Live recap starts ENDED. Engagement kiss, kidnapping, "my head on your lap" scenes will all happen tonight. What can be more intense?!?! ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below. Comments and likes are ♥ ♥ ♥ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- KT went to an empty cafe and called BG's secretary. The guy assures him that they won't kill Lee Jae Ha. He threatened KT to tell his son about what he did. KT refused to listen and the guy said there will be blood. JH and HA cheer but HA's glass broke but JH said it's ok. They walked among the cheers of everyone. They shout kiss kiss. So JH held HA by her waist and kiss her, then tighten his grip on her while everyone is cheering. KT called SK out to have a talk. He asks about the King and asked about the investigation. KT sorta hints that he will confess what he did but of course SK did not get the hint. He's in his office typing the confession. He said he got money from club M and said that he helped club M finding about the location of the King's vacation. He walked to the King JK's portrait. Bowed and said please don't forgive me and then prostrates in front of the portrait. JH and HA are receiving their facial treatment and talking. HA said she should learn the way of a Queen. She wants to go volunteer. JH receives a notice on his phone and looks troubled. He checked his email and someone sent him a photo of the vacation house with "Eun Kyung Tae, thank you for your help written in red". It seems there's also a voice record of KT's convo. JH is shocked and puzzled. KT came to JH's office and is about to confess. He walked in and hear his convo with the foreign guy when he told him about the location playing in JH's office. After it finishes, JH stood up. KT keeps his head down. JH walked to a table and sits down. JH asked him if he told HA something different and if he did something to the Jeju peace forum just as club M ordered. He admitted. JH asked how could he, when his dad and brother both trusted him. KT can't say anything , he took out the resignation letter and put it on the table, saying he will accept any punishment. JH asked him why he resigns, he should be arrested or fired. KT is trying to warn him about club M but JH yelled at him asking if he said sty to club M again. JH called him a traitor. KT said he will accept the punishment for helping the enemy but please let his son go. He prostrates in front of JH begging saying SK is a an honest kid and he will tell him the truth so please don't say anything yet to him. SK receives news that his dad got fired. QD wonders what happens but JH didn't say anything just saying he will tell her later. JS asks HA if she knows something. KT comes to meet JH asking if he really fired KT. He said yea. And SK asks why. JH doesn't tell him the truth just say their opinions are different and he is too old and slow. SK asks are you really the king I know. JH tells him to go on vacation. SK refuses and says he will stay until he finds out the truth. HA reads some paper and come to see JH. She knows the truth and says maybe he has some difficulty as well. JH said so what he joins hands with the enemy. I'm also human, I need some times. HA tells him to go to sleep but he say no, he has to read some docs. She takes it off his his hand and motions him to lie down on her lap and he did. He holds her hand. His eyes look tired and red. Ha asks if he's scared. He said yes, except you everything is scary. HA put her head on his shoulder hugging him in that way. SK is cleaning up his father's stuff. KT is at home. BG is watching the video of JH about human and trust. HA and QD are on the plan going oversea for a charity event. QD gave HA a nice bag saying it's passed down from generation. She asks if HA doesn't like it. HA said she likes it but it's too much since they're volunteering. QD said since they're royalty they have to display dignity and put in more effort. JS is at the therapy with psychiatrist. She's trying to regain her memories saying she's alright. She listens to some dramatic music and remembers someone points a gun to her, BB walks toward her with the same music playing. She stops the music and SK walks in after she calls him. She asks if KT is doing well. She tells him not to hate her brother too much since there might be something they do not know. She tells him she's doing the therapy and says what was the song that she sang. She turns to play it on the keyboard. He helps her remember the melody as he sings the song. She stops playing and tells him to follow her. She asks him to sing again so she can record it but he refuses. He walks away then she suddenly asks if he doesn't like her. He tells her cooly that she's just curious about him, with a sad but calm look on his face he says she just want a mysterious toy and it's as she says that he is not a fun person so she will get bored of him eventually. She asks if he doesn't like her because she's disabled. He said never. She asks then the song she sings for him once, how did he memorized it. He said because you sing it and you're the princess. The royal attendant reports to HA and QD that they need to make special precaution due to a bomb threat. The attendant later talks to a black guy in the elevator and as she reaches for the floor button she notices a waitress standing in front who has a bar code tattoo on her neck. It was BB. QD is showing HA some photos. HA talks about her childhood and her mother. HA calls QD mom, they smile and hold hand. An elevator is open with a laundry cart, an SP came to check and got shot. BB came out and took all the SP down easily. She has some black guys with her. BB came to QD's room and said it's room service. QD told her to wait and tries to call her attendant but no one picks up. Then BB suddenly stands behind her. One of the SP pressed the red alarm. Everyone is in panic. HA was in the bathroom drying her hair then heard something and rushed out. A black guy pointed a gun at her while BB pointed a gun at QD. JH got the news that QD and HA disappeared from SK and got worried. He tries to call HA's phone but BB got her phone. SHe gave money to the black guys who happily walk away but she shot them right into the heart. QD and HA are being escorted somewhere else. Someone is reporting to JH about the suspicious black guys who are dead now. JH is told that there was a suspicious woman with a barcode at the neck which was the same as the one BB had HA and QD are being taken to an underground place. JH found out that it was BB which means it was club M's doing, he remembered the convo with BG last time when BG says if you wanna keep fighting then everything will be destroyed. BG tells his secretary to be polite. HA is eating in a room where they are confined. QD is starring at the weird black and white photos. She told HA not to eat it, what if it's poisoned. HA said they could have just killed us. HA said we have to fight but QD is worried saying she's old. BG walks in with BB. HA holds out her hand to shake his hand but he doesn't offer his hand back. HA asks you are Kim Bong Goo right? BG ignores her and turns to QD asking if she wants a cup of tea. HA said you can't and BB drags her away. JH is talking to HA's dad about club M and how they cant contact BG. JH looks at SK and says he will do anything and worried that his mom can't endure it BG and QD are sitting face to face. She's clearly uneasy. He suddenly says, Mom, can I call you mom? You look my mom. He comes closer and sits close to her. He tells her story about his mother and how she threw him away. He says he thinks she is different so he hopes she can tell JH to not try anything. He says his mom was shameless. QD scolds him and says how can he say that to his mom. What are you trying to do our Jae Ha? Is royal family funny? BG's face turns serious and stands up, says you don't want to be treated nicely? She said yea so just kill me, you think my child is weak? you bastard! and she starts hitting him. KT is at his residence and receives a text saying QD and HA are missing. JH is losing patience and wants to contact club M. SK is trying to stop him. SK says they want him to be confused and go in to panic. JH said he will give SK 10 minutes to do something or he will contact club M. KT thinking please be careful your highness club M is…then his phone rings. No one says anything but KT knows who it is: is it your highness? He said he doesn't have the right to say this…but please be careful, be calm and stay composed. It is just a group not the country. JH hangs up and makes a call. BG is in the car and listening to his secretary giving report about SK's relation with other countries. BG says let's meet him. JH comes to a place with Chinese architecture buidling. SK is worried about JH going alone. He sees BG feeding the carps. BG bows to him. JH asks him what he wants and just leave QD and HA alone. BG makes a dumb face and says what do you mean? pretends not to know saying they are missing? how? Should I help you find them? He said he didn't kidnap them. If I captured them what do you think I want? JH said then what is it? BG said well I don't know. Maybe throw everything away, give up your throne. JH is looking at him with serious face. BG says just ignore everything and live a good life with HA. Your family is about to die, what are you gonna do? your family or country? Then he says, I'm busy so I'll go first. BG leaves and JH lets out a breath. He walks out past SK. SK rushes inside. On the way back, SK asks what they talk about but he didn't answer. JH washes his face in the bathroom and comes out surprised to see HA waiting for him in the bedroom. He is happy and asks how did she get here. She smiles and comes closer. He holds her hands and asks if this is a dreams. His eyes are red with tears of happiness. She asks him if he eats and exercises and must remember to do it all. He said what happens, what's going on. Then QD calls her to come over, she walks away, he tries to hold her hand then she disappeared. He screamed, mom, Hang Ah ah!!! SK comes and asks if he's ok. HA is alone guarded by some guys. The secretary guy comes in and plays a video. It's BB playing with the scissors and about to cut QD's hair. HA is in tears but still keep a cool face with dignity. The sect guy tries to make HA say something. SK tells JH he can't and must stay calm. SK says even if he is BG he cannot dare to kill them. JH says what if he dares to kill them? What should I do? I'm not a strong person. I cannt do t anymore. Mom and HA will die. I didn't want to be a king. Why do I have to sit on this throne? He says this while tears are falling down. Then he says sorry, he just wants to let it out. SK almost cries as well. HA is watching the live video and BG drops a red poison from a flask near where QD is sitting. She is red with tears but still keeps a firm face. She finally says I will do it. Secretary guy tells BB on the mic to stop. She says she will do it while looking at the king face to face so do you think it will be more effective? END Preview: No romantic scene next week. SK hands KT some documents while standing in the rain. JH and others are reading some mountains of documents. At the end of the preview he screams Hang Ah! See you next week! Please leave some comments so I know there are people who actually read this : )
Thanks for your work. i love reading your cards ♥
@all: you're welcome. glad you enjoy it and thanks for commenting :) . I will post some K2H stuff tomorrow on the K2H party so check back for some news and photo goodies. Goodnight for now~~~
Thanks for the recap you're really making it easy for me to understand it while watching the live streaming, Thank you very much :)
Thank you Soula. This is a good recap
God. Love this episode although it look likes stress suspense thriller action movie. Well The King 2 Hearts Bring it on. Thanks very much.
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