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@mattk95 Yay it's our birthday . I hope you enjoy it and have fun
let's eat all the cake we want and be healthy and happy
and don't forget to party hard to K-pop songs
let's make the most out or not only today but our lives as well. let's try hard to reach our dreams and leave behind no regrets.
@mattk95 as V says let's go party turn up!
to my B-Day twin #July29th @jiggzy19 take Good care of my B-Day twin today . haha JK I now you will
@shashae5296 Happy Birthday!!!! I'm sure I'm going to have a fantastic day, but make sure you have completely amazing day as well ^^ Yay for the birthday twins \(^-^)/
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Haha I will I promise! (βŒ’β–½βŒ’) Matty you got 2 Birthday cards haha so special <3
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