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 The royal secretary called John Mayer, telling that he won't further receive any calls from them. Club M wanted Jae Ha to resign from the King position, or they will "force" him to resign, and there will be blood shed. In the engagement place, small incident happened. When they want to toast their wine glass, Hang Ah's class broke down and the wine was spilled on her gown (is it the sign that some blood will be shed??). I think royal secretary has come into his right mind!! He prepared a resignation letter, and he bowed in front of former King's picture. Since Hang Ah is now "part" of the family, she will go overseas for a while to do some voluntary activities with Queen Dowager. They were talking about this meanwhile having facial massage hihihi. In the middle, he got the resignation letter from the royal secretary. He was really shocked!!! The resignation letter also came together with the cellphone records. Royal secretary went into the room and confessed everything in front of Jae Ha! (I feel relieved that he finally admit everything!) Jae Ha was really upset though. He trusted him like a father! Royal secretary tried to warn Jae Ha that Club M plan to do something bad, but Jae Ha was so angry and he said that royal secretary is a rebel! Royal secretary kneel down at him and said, I am willing to receive any punishment from you, but please don't let my son (Si Kyung) suffer from this. This is breaking my heart!!! 
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Thanks ♥ The secretary situation was a difficult one, I"m sad but relief for him.
does korean believes in bad signs too?
yey!!!! thanks :D
omG im so sad for secretary..wat about u guys??
waiting :)
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