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Under Dogg member Cavan Chen (Leon) leaves because abuse and assault 
"Even though I have kept quiet for a long time, I have a confession. To the people who are curious about my abrupt departure from TD-G [Topp Dogg Global] here is my story. As a foreigner in K-Pop I faced a lot of racism and hardships during my time in SE [Stardom Entertainment]. Constant verbal abuse and physical assault from a TD-G member and managers left me quite depressed and made me change my mind about wanting to debut in Korea. I felt very alone during my time there, and didn’t feel happy while doing what should of have made me the happiest. I didn’t get to go to Beijing and left abruptly which is why information on me just ended. I’m not saying SE [Stardom Entertainment] is a bad company, there were a few staff members and TD [Topp Dogg] family members who are truly great people and it’s a shame that things had to end the way they did. Though I felt a lot of regret and sadness at first, I am extremely blessed to be where I am now and grateful for the past experiences I’ve had in SE. I’m in a great company now and I’m working even harder to my dream and future debut. Please support me and also TD in our future activities! #confessions #strongerthanever #practicinghard #화이팅 #잘할거야 #ㅎㅈ“.
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