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 Si Kyung went to meet the King and ask for clarification about his dad. Jae Ha who was still really angry even told Si Kyung to take a rest and temporarily dismissed from his job. After that, Hang Ah was in the room with Jae Ha, looking at the resignation letter. She is considerate!! Jae Ha said, "How can I trust people?" She comforted Jae Ha, and even let Jae Ha lie down on her lap!! Awwww!! The next scene is taken in the airplane, while Hang Ah is in the plane together with the Queen Dowager. I think they are leaving for the voluntary activities. The queen gave her a gift, which is a handbag!! (It's pretty!!) She said that the handbag is always used by the queens of the country. She is so nice!! Meanwhile, Jae Shin is having her therapy to get back her memory. She started to remember the evil woman, but it hurt her! Suddenly Si Kyung came in. Jae Shin asked whether his dad is OK, and tell him, not to hate Jae Ha so much. Si Kyung said, "Why don't you sing again?" Jae Shin is so cute! She said, "I think i am senile. I forgot the song!" So Si Kyung ended singing the song for her! Si Kyung was about to leave the room, and Jae Shin asked, "Why do you hate me? Is it because I am crippled?" But I know actually Si Kyung tried to keep distance since he think he doesn't deserve a Queen!! 
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@janemarie I adore the Jae Shin/Shi Kyung love line so much too! i really really want them to have a happy ending. if they dont get it, i think i might end up crying like a huge pansy while tearing all my hair out in frustration
@janemarie i hate the ending! its a cliffhanger! im with you though about ur opinion about Jae Shin's couple..but let's see :)
@sapphire148, I am not sure of anything at this point. I hope she gets to walk, even if she needs canes or some kind of support...likes, say, Shi Kyung, perhaps. I am such a shipper for this couple is not even funny. I wish I could be as sure as you are about their happy ending.
♥ What a cute couple. Mmm anyone think Shi Kyung can be cross to the dark side? M club?
i already saved the screenshots hihihi thanks sapphire148~ all the credits for u
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