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It was a dark night and i was all alone. There was only one person i thought could help me. I just kept staring at her name doing nothing. My whole being felt worthless and i just wanted to die. At first i sat on my bathroom floor fingering my razor. Scared i texted her asking to talk. On the verge of tear i let them roll down my cheeks. When she replied i opened it, it said she was busy. It felt like a stab to the heart even though i understood. Now i was alone in the world there was no one i could talk to. Razor still in my hand i decided to do something. Carefully i slid up my sleeve and made the first cut. It was shallow and barely bled at all. The second third and fourth got deeper and deeper. Up and down my arm i made slashes until my phone vibrated. Blood was everywhere and it was beautiful i wanted to see more. I felt amazing all the pain alone and worthless bled away. With each cut there was less and less of it. The burning as i cut even felt good my hands shook with excitement. My heart and blood raced my phone vibrated again. Groaning i stopped and picked it up. Nothing just a glitch but one name stared at me. I cared about her alot and she was online so i tried. If she didnt answer id go all the way even though i was going to already. The next cut would be a vein deep in thought a little while passed. When i least expected it went off it was her. She wss in trouble too so we talked about our cutting so far that night. Before i knew it we were both ok and we went to bed. Whether or not she knows it she saved my life that night.