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Last week I posted a card on what to avoid for air drying hair and I suggested a way to get curls without a hair tie. I received a message asking for instructions how to do this, so here it is! Please keep in mind if you have extremely straight hair or fine hair, this method might not work. Also, before starting you should apply curling creme for gloss hair and longer lasting curls.


1. Part your damp hair in two sections (the more section the tighter the curls). Then twist it inward or outward.
2. Twist the other side in the same direction.
3. Continue doing this as your hair air dries.
4. Once your hair is dry, start piecing the curls out. Spritz hairspray to hold style.
Then, say hello to your gorgeous curls!
Tip: If you're in a rush you can twist your hair while blow drying it.