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 Hang Ah and Queen Dowager were staying in the room and looking at African children's pictures. Hang Ah told Queen Dowager about how she lost her mom, and Queen Dowager told her that she can call her "Eomeoni" which means Mother :) But that happiness didn't last long!! OMG!!! The evil woman was in the hotel where Queen Dowager and Hang Ah stayed in Somalia!!! Danget!!! Hang Ah heard the alarm sound and tried to see what happened, but a gun was pointed to her!! This is just bad!! They are kidnapped! Jae Ha who heard about this tried to contact Hang Ah, but they also got her cellphone! Hang Ah told Queen Dowager not to give up and they have to try to escape from that place, but Queen Dowager said that she is not confident at all because she is old. Suddenly John Mayer came into the room, and he seperated Hang Ah and Queen Dowager. He talked with the Queen Dowager, and said useless stuff like, he was thrown away by his mom too. He asked Queen Dowager to ask the King to resign from his position. But she was not afraid to him. She said, "its better for you to just kill me. Don't expect me to kneel down before you." Such a great talented senior actress she is!!! Si Kyung tried to contact his dad and asked for help. He also tried to talk to Jae Ha that was panic and furious! 
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I can't wait for the moment that Hang Ah face and finish the bom bom evil woman, urg if i remember Hang Ah specialty is Assasination too, right?
that evil woman is creepy..same creepy as her boss...
Oh noo