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Is this true? Oh god.... Guys, I feel so terrible. Someone said Jimin updated his fc saying he hasn't left his room all day and ugh, that's such a shame. I was excited that they were going to Mexico because that's where my family is from and I really wanted them to try our food and stuff but I guess not :/ We need to remember Bts and every other kpop star are humans and they should be treated like one too. This shouldn't be happening AT ALL. They should be able to leave their hotels and have fun in Mexico by going to the beach or something of that sort without being MOBBED and THREATENED by crazy "fans". Oppas please stay safe and take care! ALSO IF YOU HAVE TWITTER AND IF YOU SEE A DEATHTHREAT, DO NOT SPREAD!! PLEASE REPORT THE PERSON INSTEAD.
That is absolutely unacceptable! I can't believe they call themselves fan but don't respect their boundaries. I hope they are okay and the fans tone it down A LOT! Because we get the love them but there are rules!
I would blame the Mexican groups for the behavior honestly. Many Mexican bands like Arrolladora Banda Limon, they let girls pamper them and throw undergarments at them, so now, girls think that's "okay". That's pure disgusting and shameless. I would apologize on behalf of them although I don't live there. But as a Mexican myself, I'm speechless at how thoughtless they are....
I just question why these people go out of their way to spread negativity. it's so much work to spread hate and no one appreciates it. Seriously. If you hate them so much go pour your heart into how much you love other bands. Like seriously. Get a life.
Why?? Like why would anybody think it's okay to do this type of thing?? This is why Kpop fans get a bad rep. A majority of us respect our idols and want them to enjoy themselves as well as perform for us, but the minority of these "fans" do things like this that ruin it for everyone both the idols and the rest of the fandom :(
I'm basically on the same page as you @JonesyonMars . I wouldn't want them to come back if they did not feel safe. How could anyone think that shoving themselves all over a person will show their love? These poor guys. They already had alot on their plate with being away from home (in a very foreign place), just getting off a long flight, and the threats. Now they had this. People need to remember that we are from different cultures. They are not used to this behavior.
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