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아 뭘 하긴 해야하는데 뭘 하면 좋을까.. trans- ah i definitely have to do something but i dont know what i woul like to do.. trans cr. - @ria bts-trans
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@kpopGaby I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. But for real, are those bruises or is it just a trick of the light??
@KpopGaby @ZeroTheRaven ah those are just shadows~ he doesn't have any bruises on his face~^^
@bts486 it is possible that they are bruises. A friend of mine told me that the members of Bts were tripped and beaten (I think, I know they were tripped) when they got to Mexico I think it was. I just hope that it is shadows
@ZeroTheRaven you could be right but I don't think that they would post a selca if they had bruises.
@bts486 @ZeroTheRaven Doesn't look like a shadow to me. I showed this to a friend and she also thinks it's bruises. Oh well, we'll never know...