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Summer Pinch-Pots bring back SUCH MEMORIES of when I was a kid in school. Do you remember making this too? If you're aching to stroll through memory lane once again and find something truly fun to do this Summer, then this DIY is totally for you (and the little ones!).


Air dry clay
Old placemat (or a clean flat smooth surface to work on and get messy)
Container of water
Plastic knife
Paint brush
Paint (any color you love)
Cute embellishments (beads and sequins, etc.)
Step 1
Take a handful of air dry clay and roll it into a large ball.
Step 2
Poke both thumbs into your ball to create a hole. Keep turning the ball in your hands while pinching with your fingers to widen the hole and flatten out your pot. Squash the pot onto your placemat to flatten the base.
Step 3
Dip your finger into the water and use it to smooth out any cracks or bumps.
Step 4
Now you’ll make the lid. Roll another ball out and flatten it against your place mat. Use your knife to cut out a circle shape. Use your finger to smooth out any rough edges. (To make sure that your lid is about the same size as the opening, lift your pot up and place it upside down to match the opening of your flattened circle.)
Step 5
Roll out a tiny ball of clay. This will act as the lid’s handle (and the nose, for the face pots.) To securely adhere the ball to the lid, use a toothpick to score the tiny clay ball and the center of your lid. Then, squish the ball on top.
Step 6
Leave the lid as is, or add beads and sequins. If you add colorful details, make sure they are securely pushed into the clay. Also, you may need to recheck the size of the lid to make sure that it still matches your pot’s opening.
Step 7
Wait for your clay pots to dry and then paint! I knew my pots were dry because the clay turned a nice, bright white and felt heavy, solid, and firm. This took about 3-5 days depending on the size and thickness of my pots.
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