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Man. Remember when DBSK was 5 people, not 2? I miss them. Of course, the group now is great, and JYJ is also great, but they're a different kind of great. Now. Let's reminisce.
TVXQ came out when K-Pop was kinda just beginning. I mean, it was still K-Pop, but it wasn't K-pop like how K-pop is now. (Am I making sense?) And they were literally, like their namesake, rising gods. They were big in Korea, they were big in Japan (hugely big), they were big in China (so much they're kinda more known as TVXQ), and even had name status in the US. It was sad when they split, but there's really no one to blame. Considering all the problems SM Entertainment has (and had) been having with their groups, one cannot blame the trio for wanting out. Again, both groups are doing great now and hugely successful still, so there's really no reason to complain (other than for certain people to come back from military service).
Anyway, here's one of the only pre-duo DBSK music videos I could find. Maybe you'll stumble upon your childhood (...teenagehood...?) Enjoy!
So... Do you miss the pre-duo TVXQ? Do you even know the pre-duo TVXQ? Am I showing my age too much? (Don't answer that last one.) Share your thoughts!
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Mirotic is a fun song and they have a lot of swag. I miss their long hairstyles .
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Miss pre-duo TVXQ/DBSK soo much!!! Mirotic was my all time favorite album from them...Junsus body roll (drool)...Still listen to it even today. I prefer Changmin and Yunhos music to JYJ tho. But i think them splitting up gave TVXQ a chance to showcase their vocals alot more. I knew Changmin could sing but not like THAT! With three power vocals in their group I could easily see why he never got to sing that much. Even though they are still rocking it separately I still wonder how awesome they would have been if they had stayed as 5. No one would have been able to touch them!
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former dbsk was a legend! they opened up the path to Japan!! they were an amazing group
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Mirotic! the second Kpop video i ever saw and still the SEXIEST! love them! feel in love with my secondary bias Kim Jaejoong! oh! i really love him as a vampire! Mirotic and Mine hit me straight in the feels! thanks for the memory lane!
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I personally only know the duo TVXQ, and I am not all that interested in the pre duo TVXQ. I feel like if I even try to listen to them I will be supper depressed and say "Why did miss this?" or be supper disappointed. I'll just stick to duo TVXQ for now, since I am pretty new to liking them. Good luck to both groups! As long as everyone is happy, I'm happy.
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