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 Jae Ha said he wanted to talk with club M. He finally called the royal secretary and royal secretary gave advice to him to contact all overseas Korean diplomats to gather strength and give pressure to John Mayer to give up. The next day, he went to meet John Mayer. He asked him what he want. Jae said to release his family safely. However this evil guy didn't admit that they kidnap them!! John Mayer said he want Jae Ha to step back from the King position! Or else hang Ah and Queen Dowager might die! I can't see Jae Ha like this really!! He made this same expression just like when he found out that the King was dead TT After he is home, he washed his face, but when he went out, Hang Ah was there!!! But Hang Ah said strange things to him! She said, "Live well, eat well, don't give up," and suddenly Queen Dowager appeared and take Hang Ah away. Luckily it was a dream!!! 
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thanks sapphire148 :D
i hate this hanging ending!!
aww my poor heart...
this episode is so intense!! my heart is thumping ><
and only 10 minutes left. I hate when they leave us dangling like this