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She's such a unbelievably cute girl. She's also very lucky,
She has Tablo has her awesome dad. I mean who wouldn't want a dad that cool?
She is up to date with the latest fashions and an icon already at her age.
And to add lastly, she gets to meet all these different idols. She even gets to buil relationships with them. Everyone loves Haru. You can't resist her cute charm.
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Haru & Bigbang are so cute together^^ oh and when she chooses iKON's Bobby over GD....I died lol:P I hope my future child is half as gorgeous she is...both inside and out:)
2 years ago·Reply
seriously, I bet there is no one in the world that can gate haru
2 years ago·Reply
naming my child Haru... I always wanted to because of haru haru by bigbang but this haru is so cute now im determined to
2 years ago·Reply
my cute little haru is growing up so sweet.
2 years ago·Reply
the fact tht she has an awesome dad like Tablo I seriously wish I had a dad like tht
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