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so... I've been a little crazy lately and havent done anything for my summer. I'm bored each day, I've been talking a lot with my friends and we've decided that this is the year we'll start learning K-Pop dances. if we get good enough we might even upload them, but what would you guys recommend us? I think we're going to start with se easy stuff for now. so guys please recommend me songs and I'll discuss it with them!!! your recommendations are appreciated. thank you guys
just right by got7?? it's fast but pretty simple.... if you get better do exo (which is sharper and faster) and the beast (which is completely different but imo hardwr because it's got more groove lmao)
GD and Taeyang Good Boy. It's a "simple" one to start out with. :) (The quotes because no dance is really "simple" haha)
@TMinusEleven thanks! I think we'll give it a shot (: