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HERE YOU GO! THE RESULTS FOR THE EXO DATING DOORS I POSTED BEFORE! Starburts - Lay Sour Patch Kids - Sehun Skittles - Xiumin Reese's - Chen Pop Rocks - Suho Jolly Ranchers - Chanyeol cuz he's jolly XD Hershey Kisses - Kai KitKats - Kris M - Luhan Sour Gummy Worms - Tao Gummy Bears - Baekhyun Doesn't like candy/ Doesn't eat it - D.O.
@RochelleDiamond M&M's is Luhan @DanieTate Kitkats is Kris, Starburts is Lay. (Kai was Hershey Kisses) @KpopKrazed Skittles is Xiumin, M&M's is Luhan. Yay for XiuHan! @VixenViVi Reese's is Chen! @SashaLove Resses is Chen! @NourSamir Kitkat's is Kris, M&Ms is Luhan. @addri Sour Patch is Sehun! @ilhoonie Starburts is Lay, Sour Patch is Sehun. SeXing is life tho! XD lucky you! @Edithse7en Jolly Ranchers is Chanyeol... Cuz he's jolly XD! Gummy Bears is Baekyun... CHANBAEK HEHE @beckiboop1996 Skittles is Xiumin. Gummy Bears is Baekhyun. (Kris is Kitkat's. Tao is sour gummy worms.) @JaxomB Kitkat's is Kris, Gummy Bears is Baekhyun! Nice one!
@VixenViVi TRUE XD
@exotaku I cry I could've gotton tao gun because I love gummy worms bit I forgot for 5 seconds what they were cakes I cry
ChanYeol!!! I new I should have picked Reese's! SORRY CHEN!
well i still love kai and hershey kisses is the only candy i hide from my family and keep it for my self so hahaha lol
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