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Lol I almost choked on my snack this is hilarious
OH gosh this just got me really :D i dont think so i have bleached hair and dye on them and i have been doing this for years not .. actually my haorstyle is short and very similar to him and i like he i love experimenting with colors and cuts .. and no hairdresser ever told me i have bad or weak hair on contrary and with them we agreed that the trick is to not čáře about color but health of hair if his hairstylists and him have any sense he will be using hair health cosmetics like i do and it will be cool :)
but that bird :D cant stop laughin :D
@CathC lol I see what you mean. I meant it mostly with the strange hairstyles and exotic colors. I should have been more specific.
OH my god saw it again ... im rolling on floor :D jesus thats like .... this is from their 2 days and 1night i remember it ...gosh that was... :D