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ADORABLE! This hankie diy is just too cute for words! I just know this is going to put a smile on your face (and the faces of those you gift this to). Let's get started!

The tools you need for this:

Printable template (download here)
Fabric scraps
Needle & pins
Cotton embroidery thread
Washable pen
Paint and brush (optional)
1. Print and cut out templates. Then trace onto fabric and cut out. Make sure to leave an extra 1/4-inch seam allowance when cutting. Now embroider faces with a thick cotton thread.
NOTICE: Awake face and sleepy face.
2. Use two tiny straight stitches to create the “awake eyes” and a french knot (or a tiny straight stitch) for the noses. Work back stitches to make the “sleepy eyes” and little smiles. Use a big cross stitch to make a stem at the top of the orange head. Now paint two rosy cheeks on each face.
3. Using a sewing machine, sew the front and backs of your fruit pieces together, with right sides facing into each other (you will soon turn them right-side-out). Leave a 1-inch opening at the bottom so you’ll be able to stuff them.
Clip the curved seam allowances and cut off all excess fabric.
4. Turn your fruits right-side-out and fill it with stuffing. Then, stitch to close up the opening.
5. Now, iron your chosen handkerchief out flat so that there are no visible wrinkles. Fold the hankie once diagonally, so that it forms a triangle.
Now sew the bottom of your fruit head onto the center of the folded handkerchief (in the middle of the fold – not on a point!)
6. To make your arms, tie a piece of ribbon about 1.5 inches in from one of the two folded ends of the hankie. Repeat this at the opposite point, as well.
Suddenly, there are now two arms!
Pretty cute, right? I imagine an entire citrus family that you could create with these. Just adjust the templates a smidge and have a ball! Take a look here for more crafty projects!