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I been home healing from a kidney transplant that I have been waiting for a whopping 8 years! Between two different cities I found my hope in a small town outside of Philadelphia and hope was answered about a month ago. Now back to my Batman and Spawn, my job set up a go fund me account to raise awareness and funds until I can recover. Not everyone had funds to give but one friend decided to share my campaign and make custom artwork for me, which I will get put on a shirt or two. I'm super excited about the campaign and the artwork crafted for me. Now my question is, which Batman do you like in the photo? I have had critic say Batman looks too Wolverine like but have you seen Batman these days lol besides to stand next to Spawn in a photo, he better be some sort of buff lol. So what are your thoughts?
I already have my joker shirt ready lol
@candacejordan thank you so much! And I was thinking the same thing. I can not wait for the batman and spawn to be finished!
You're welcome. I'm huge a Batman fan so I understand your eager anticipation. I look forward to you posting the outcome.
I like the Batman in color. Get well soon. I'll be praying for your swift recovering.
I agree with @CandaceJordan they both look awesome but my preference is for the color version. I hope you get better really soon! Recovery is no fun at all.