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 OH MY GOSH this is crazy!!! That evil woman was trying to torture Queen Dowager!! They let Hang Ah look at that via video. Since Queen Dowager won't persuade the king to resign, they want Hang Ah to do it. Meanwhile in the palace, Jae Ha said that he will resign. He can't give up the people he love for the king position. It's breaking my heart to see him crying while he said that!! Hang Ah who can't stand looking at Queen Dowager being almost tortured finally said, " I will do it. I will persuade the king to resign." Things are getting more complicated!!! How can I wait until next week??? 
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@lhej me too >< maybe i will cry together with oppa
that was intense...good thing i didn't watch it live or else i'll have a heart attack by now! thanks sapphire148
fresh from the oven!! Ep 17 Preview:
i really hate to see lee seung gi/jae ha CRYINGGG!
huhuhuhuhuhuhuh!!!! this episode will really drive me crazy for the rrest of the weekk! i'm hanging X(
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