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So I've come upon a dilemma on my hair, the first pic is my hair as of now, the second is it straightened. I'm one of those ppl who usually prefer to straighten my hair for events and so forth but I don't know anymore, so I'm asking the vingle community to help me out, should I straighten it again or should I leave it as is? should I try to style it differently? Suggestions are welcome All help is very much appreciated, hope this isn't weird to ask to random ppl = ̄ω ̄=
maybe a twist out. the hair is gorgeous!!!
I like the first one because it has more volume and fullness. By the way, I am jealous!!! I want my hair as long and thick as yours. Your hair is gorgeous!
Leave it as is! And if you're feeling adventurous you can there plenty of no-heat styling method for curly hair. Check this out,
Personally I like it as is!!! YOu should add this to the Hairstyles community though so more people can give you their opinions :D
I will say for events to straighten your hair. but more so try different styles! if you have natural hair youtube is a great resource on how to do natural styles at home. @netchtiBates
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