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How long does it take you guys to learn a Korean song? I took Japanese so learning Jpop and rock songs are sort of easy and doesn't take me long...whereas Kpop...I have to listen to it constantly to learn it haha. But doesn't take a long time....maybe a week or two?
@montha91, LOL thanks hahahaha I need to get on the ball with this!
The japanese romanization is very similar to the sounds that we have in English. However, the Korean romanization is a bit odd because Korean is a language that focuses more on the phonetics of one sound rather than different phonetics for multiple sounds (if that makes sense). For example, the romanization of 어 is "eo," but sounds like something closer to "awe." What makes it even more difficult is that a lot of sounds in Korean (and Mandarin and Vietnamese for that matter) don't even exist in any English (again, if that makes sense).
It use to take me days to atleast get the words right. Now it takes me a few listen and I'm jamming like I'm the OG singer
The only Korean song I know how to sing is SNSD gee only because it was my first k-pop song.
@ErinGregory you can do it! Fighting!! 💪🏼😬
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