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Learning songs?
How long does it take you guys to learn a Korean song? I took Japanese so learning Jpop and rock songs are sort of easy and doesn't take me long...whereas Kpop...I have to listen to it constantly to learn it haha. But doesn't take a long time....maybe a week or two?
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@montha91, LOL thanks hahahaha I need to get on the ball with this!
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So legit
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The only Korean song I know how to sing is SNSD gee only because it was my first k-pop song.
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i can relate to this. i can speak some Japanese so jpop music is super easy for my to sing. kpop, ot takes me a couple of weeks to actual even get a part of the song right. just keep practicing!!!
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Japanese was super easy for me learned every kohh song and itgma was both Korean and Japanese so that was easy it probably takes me a day or two three if its a really fast rap song but other then that it doesn't take me long at all
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