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Best Summer Beach Towel Hack - DIY

This is probably going to be the BEST DIY HACK I have seen/done all Summer! Look at this easy-to-sew project that you are definitely going to want to make before Friday!
You know the drill by now...

Supplies Needed:

2 beach towels (that are the same)
Polyester fiberfill

Tools Needed:

Sewing machine
1. Lay out one towel, and then place the second one perpendicular to the first, lining up one edge.
2. Cut the second towel, making a rectangle that, folded over, will form your pillow.
3. Fold this rectangle in half, sew three sides and part of the fourth, leaving a hole to fill with pillow stuffing.
4. Add polyester fiberfill to the pillow, then sew the open edge.
5. Cut two strips of fabric for your straps. Adjust the size to the length you prefer, just remember you will lose about an inch on each end where it attaches to the towel.
6. Fold your strips in half lengthwise with the right side facing in, and sew along the long edge.
7. Flip the strap right-side out so the pattern is on the outside.
8. Pin the pillow to the unaltered towel, and sew it in place.
9. Roll the towel around the pillow. If it’s long, fold it in half.
10. Pin the straps and Velcro on the appropriate parts of the towel (so that it functions like a bag).
11. Cut out a rectangle of fabric to create a pocket on the side of the “bag,” making sure to iron down the edges to create a hem.
12. Sew the side that will be the top of the pocket.
13. Pin your pocket to the towel while it’s still wrapped up and in its bag form.
14. Now that everything is pinned in place, unroll the towel and sew all of the pieces to secure them to the towel.
Fold the rectangle you just created in half, sew three sides and a little bit of the fourth, leaving a hole to fill with pillow stuffing. Add polyester fiberfill to the pillow, and then sew the open edge. Pillow complete!
Next, cut two strips of fabric for your straps. Adjust the size to the length you prefer by laying them over your shoulder. Remember you will lose about an inch on each end where it attaches to the towel. Now fold your strips in half lengthwise with the right side facing in, and sew along the long edge.
Flip the straps right-side out so the pattern is on the outside. You might want to iron your straps at this point. Flipping them right side out can create some wrinkles.
Now it’s time to construct your towel. Attach the pillow to your unaltered towel with pins, and then sew it in place.
Next, we’ll add all of the pieces to make it a functional bag. Roll the towel around the pillow. If it’s long like ours, fold it in half. Pin the straps and Velcro on the appropriate parts of the towel.
All great bags have pockets, so we’re making one to carry sunscreen, sunnies and poolside beverages. Cut out a rectangle of fabric to create your pocket on the side of the “bag,” making sure to iron down the edges to create a hem. Sew the side that will be the top of the pocket. Pin your pocket to the towel while it’s still wrapped up and in its bag form.
Now that everything is pinned in place, unroll the towel and sew all of the pieces to secure them to the towel.
You are FINISHED! Now all you need is a place to go, like a lake or a beach or a water park or even your backyard! Click here to see more summer tips and tricks and projects!
YES! This is awesome. Gone are the days when my head is super uncomfortable at the beach, because there's nothing to rest it on other than lumpy pebbly sand!!
This is one of the more involved DIY projects I have shared. But it was sooo cool I just had to share it. I wish we had amazing beaches here.
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Ultimate T-Shirt Revamp
LUV THIS plain ole t-shirt revamp into a cute summer dress! While this one is turquoise, mine is going to be bright and pink for summer! You should totally do the same thing and then share your pics on here! It's all part of Vingle My Summer Collection, which you can follow here. Use a TOO-BIG-FOR-YOU t-shirt and put it on inside-out. This allows you to mark where your shoulders begin with chalk. Just make a mark. Make a straight line from the shoulder mark to the armpit on the sleeve. Cut along the line you just made. Trim off the excess of the part you cut off to make the sleeve smaller and more comfortable your your arm. Pin and stitch to the shirt. Don't freak out because of the gaping hole at the bottom of the armpit and shirt. Stitch up the hole below the armpit. You can leave the sleeves alone at this point OR you can add some elastic to ruche them. Using your zig-zag stitch, sew the strip of elastic on the inside of the sleeve. This should go from the bottom of the sleeve to the shoulder. Don't make it too tight or it will look awful! Using a longer piece of elastic, measure the length and tightness you want to achieve with your dress. Again, don't make it too tight, it's supposed to be gently ruched. Sew it into the shirt to create the waistline you want--as high or low as you like. All that's left is to add any detailing you want such as lace or beads. I prefer simplicity and plan to throw on a cute necklace and some flats for summer. What are you going to do? For more cute t-shirt ideas, click here.
How to market sweets via social media
Selling manufactured, ready-made, or purchased sweets from a reliable store is considered one of the most successful projects and is suitable for men and women, but it is more suitable for women because they tend to do home projects. . And as we know that social media has become a source for many people, entrepreneurs, and projects to promote their businesses and products, especially people who sell sweets of all kinds for easy access to a larger number of people, in order to increase the percentage of sales of sweets and attract customers. And there are many methods that can be used to promote and market sweets, such as creating a page on social networking sites “Facebook” bearing the name of the project and inviting your friends and relatives to it and placing an advertisement for a type of sweets on the page and on search engines with what is called “seo” in addition to competitions In order to promote their products in the form of competitions that encourage people to buy the product and win sweets, and people flock to products, especially sweets that are sold at low prices, an advertisement must be made on social networking sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, and other sites) about discounts Which will broadcast the reputation of the page and the sweets that are sold. In order to attract customers, it is necessary to focus on the pictures of the sweets that will be published on the social media, as the seller must photograph the sweets beautifully using natural lighting, avoiding the flash, and choosing a simple background. Filming the sweets with video and publishing them is one of the most ways that cultivates trust between the seller and the customer. The customer can see the sweets on the ground, and the evaluation can be added so that the customers can review his opinion about the sweets of this seller and the cleanliness of his work. We must focus on communication methods and facilitate the method of communication with the customer and make all methods available from a phone number, e-mail, etc., and not delay in responding and delivering sweets to the customer who requested sweets, in addition to tact in responding to the customer.
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Make A Tulle Circle Skirt
Note to self, when making this and shooting a selfie, HOLD A DOZEN GOLDEN YELLOW ROSES! This is such a fun and elegant way to wear a tulle skirt! Using black fabric tulle keeps it classy without looking like a tutu or a costume. This project requires a sewing machine but that doesn't mean that it's a hard project. It's actually quite easy, as you'll see... What You Need: Tulle Lining (same color of tulle) craft paper scissors elastic (1"-1.5" thick) straight pins marking chalk Step 1 Use craft paper to cut a large square. Then measure your hip measurement out from one corner (just keep pivoting the ruler to make lots of marks and connect the dots at the end to get your rounded edge). Repeat the process from the same corner to find the bottom of your skirt line, but add the waist measurement to your total skirt length for that number (so if your length is 22" and your waist measurement is 6.5", then measure out 28.5"). Cut out your pattern paper. Cut squares of tulle that are big enough to fit your paper pattern when the the square is folded in half, and then folded in half again to make a smaller square that is 1/4 the original size. Using the example numbers above, you would need a square that was 57" wide (28.5 x 28.5 = 57) when unfolded. The number of squares you have determines the number of layers your skirt will contain, so buy your fabric yardage accordingly. If you can't find a tulle wide enough to get a square as big as you need, you'll have to sew two pieces side by side first before cutting your square down to size. Fold your large square in half, and then in half again, and place the pattern so that the corner with the middle of the square is near the waistline of the pattern. Use fabric scissors to cut along the waistline and bottom hemline. Unfold the tulle, and you should have a giant tulle donut! Step 2 Cut out as many layers as you want for the tulle. Cut out an extra piece for your lining. Either hem the lining so it's shorter than the tulle, which is what you want, or serge it on a serger or baby lock machine. Completely up to you. Don't over think it. Step 3 To make your waistband, pin the elastic around your natural waist so that it feels snug but not too tight. Wiggle out of the elastic and sew it together at that point. Trim the ends to 1/2" long, fold the ends down, pin in place, and sew those down to flatten them. Step 4 Use marking chalk to mark 4 equal sections on the waistline of your tulle circle. Do the same with the inside edge of your waistband. Use the marks to line up your waistband with your fabric and pin with 4 straight pins at each mark (you'll pin the bottom inside edge of the waistband onto the top of the fabric layers. Step 5 Since your elastic waistline is probably smaller than your fabric opening (that's measured to the widest part of your hips), you'll notice that there is some gapping where the sections of tulle are longer than the elastic. In that case, just pin the middle of each gap to the middle of the elastic section so you now have 8 pins total holding your layers together. Step 6 To sew your layers together, turn your skirt inside out and sew a few stitches near where a pin is holding the layers together. While the needle is in the down position, pull your elastic towards you until the fabric gap straightens out and sew along the waistband with a 1/2" seam allowance on the fabric layers. Continue this process of pulling the elastic and the fabric straight and sewing until you get all the way around the waistband. Not bad, right? More like FANTASTIC! Enjoy your brand new tulle circle skirt. Where it out in style. Grab some flowers too for that selfie! If you love these kinds of projects, please click here for even more to do!