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No, exo is not in Hawaii; however, as I was walking around (I'm in waikiki) I saw this playing. I squealed. REALLY loudly
@SHINee808 ugh... I wish they could have shows/visit every city (or at least the ones we live in)
@SHINee808 Hawaii is great! I can take longer showers since there's no drought! Dude one time I visited family in LA (I live a couple hours away) and it just so happened that the day after I left Shinee was having a concert... I wasn't into K-pop at the time. it if that happened now I'd be so frustrated
I was about to say lol they are dressed really warmly for being in Hawaii xD
@JustinaNguyen i know the feeling, we dont really get concerts in hawaii but a lot of idols go to hawaii for vacation, and i apparently they all want to go after i move...lol
@JUstinaNguyen i hope you are enjoying yourself there, and lol the struggle is real when you realize that we chose the wrong time to go to another city
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