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Believe it or not, these Summer Espadrilles are ALL DIY! Don't believe me? Keep reading, and get ready to update your tired sneakers, slides and wedges; Summer isn't over yet, so there's still time to look cute for next to no out of pocket expenses.

You will need:

various types of shoes
various thickness of rope or twine
hot glue gun

The instructions for ANY SHOE TYPE is essentially the same:

1. Lay down a large chunk of hot glue on the sole of your shoe and attach your rope. Hold in place to make sure it’s really secure.
2. Keep laying down hot glue and wrapping the rope as you go along.
3. Trim the end of the rope and secure to the shoe.
No matter which shoe you are wrapping rope around, you want to follow the curves of the shoe and use as much glue as you need to keep everything secure.
Remember to keep the rope tight and don't work so fast that there are gaps between the layers of rope. They need to be bunched up touching each other.
These are so cute and totally worth trying, especially if you're going to be out and about for the next few weeks while the summer weather is perfect! For more summertime diy projects like this, click here.
Just two days ago I realize the back of my ankle was bleeding. I've been wearing my sperry for the longest time and it never gave me blister. It's a sign I need a new pair of shoe for summer. I don't like wearing flip flops so this is great! \
Ouch! @cindystran Nothing worse than blisters on your feet. A good reason to make these yourself.