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Lets bring back the sexyness~ When this album came out I was so happy that BBomb and Ukwon had a chance to bring out their talent~ I bought their album with all the members signatures on them! it will ship out August 8 so when i get it I'll show it to you guys :D
I hate it when you buy something and it takes forever to get to you because it's a hop a skip an ocean and a whole dimension away. Damn it.
Ohhh! Yeah you should totally do a review or unboxing or something~
@ErinGregory ohhhh I knoooowwww ;_____; when I bought it I saw that they'll ship it on August 8 and I was like...why so far!! but I'm willing to wait if it means getting their signatures ~ @kpopandkimchi I'll probably just do a review because I got ugly hands lol