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While browsing through FB I had seen this article from Koreaboo. I'm already in a bad mood (I've been in a bad and depressed mood for days now) and this just really pissed me off to the point to where I wish I lived near these people so I could punch them in their good for nothing face. The article reads:
After a death threat scare in New York during their “The Red Bullet” concert which resulted in the cancellation of all fan activities, another death threat has been issued against BTS‘ Rap Monster on Twitter.
Another Twitter user has posted a death threat aimed at BTS member Rap Monster. AfterBTS was forced to cancel their hi-touch event after a gun threat in New York, this is the second time in a matter of weeks that Rap Monster’s life is in potential danger. Many speculated that the first threat originated from a recent controversial interview that the group had in Australia.
In said interview, some felt that Rap Monster made a colorist statement when talking about the first impressions he had of his fellow members. He shared, “Well, when I first saw V and J-Hope I couldn’t see them because they were too black. So…yeah, when the nights get dark, I couldn’t find them.”Similar to the last threat, the Twitter user has posted a picture of a pistol and a magazine apparently loaded with ammunition.
BTS is scheduled to perform in Mexico on July 29th, but with this new death threat via Twitter, nobody knows what will happen next.
Here are the Tweets:
I'm so fed up with this BS, it's ridiculous. I'm trying really hard to keep my language under control right now, but this is extremely uncalled for and I really hope that girl gets into actual legal trouble. Death threats are ILLEGAL. I feel terrible for Rap Monster and the other members of BTS because they have to deal with this shit. I can't imagine how it must feel to have people issue DEATH THREATS towards you while brandishing a weapon. Utterly ridiculous. Hopefully BTS fans will be able to make the idols feel better by showing love and support.
Oh yeah, you can read the full article here (though I have the full article on the card):
HOLY CRUD. People need to stop this bullshit and get back to their lives. All of these threats are NOT funny whatsoever. Okay, Namjoon might have made a joke, a SIMPLE joke towards his FRIENDS. People make racist jokes ALL the time and do you see people making death threats to those people? NO. If people were to make death threats to EVERY PERSON who made a racist joke, HALF OF THE HUMAN POPULATION WOULD BE VICTIMS. You walk down the street and people are calling their friends crude nicknames, but does that bother people? Would people create death threats against them? NO. It's bad enough that people labeled Namjoon a "racist" person, but DEATH THEATS against him are just a whole new level of COMPLETE PSYCHOTICNESS. How is Namjoon different than another person you see on the street? He isn't because you, me, and everyone walking on the street is human. HE'S human. He might be an idol, but in the end, he's just another human being. And I'm pretty sure he regrets everything he has said 200%. So people need to get over it and this bullshit needs to end NOW. A person's life is not something to be playing and joking around with. >:O
I'm not going to censor my language, but ill try to prevent it from being all cursing. ahaha. This is fucking bullshit. I didnt know that this had happened in New York, but the fact that it did is hella hypocritical. In this modern day and age EVERYONE has made a racist joke, a lot of them more severe than what Namjoon did. What Namjoon said isn't even a derogatory racist joke. He merely commented on two of his friends skin tone and joked about it. he wasn't specifying a race or saying something like "oh maybe it's because they're so black they're stupid". It was nothing like that. Just because he's an idol, yea sure maybe he should've been more careful but I don't think so. It was a joke between people he HAS the relationship t joke around with. You can be offended but DEATH THREATS ARE ILLEGAL YOU CAN GO TO JAIL. And don't you dare say that he deserves it because he's an idol. HE IS YOUNG And I don't even know what more to say. This is tiring, unforgiving, and absolutely ridiculous. I don't understand why this happens.
funny how the ppl with a stick up their ass and creating drama aren't even black... They're a bunch of bored lil kids with nothing better to do then try to get attention in the stupidest way how.. A.R.M.Y and BTS shouldn't worry in Mexico though believe me
So soooo ridiculous. I already said this on another card, but these people should be arrested because like @tayunnie said, these are threats to MURDER another person.
@tayunnie mmhmmm they're just doing it for a reaction but all i want to do is give them a strong reaction (like a slap to the face!) its so hard to ignore things like this >:(
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