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*Stares at picture trying to find the sense in this*

It's funny when you think about it. I've dreamt with Namjoon but it was like me looking at him from afar and fangirl screaming in the inside and waving my arms everywhere from the excitement. Have any of you ever dreamt with your bias?
When you're an international fan even in your dreams lol
Omg yes!!! I had a dream that during the beautiful concert Junhyung pulled me up from the audience and sang a song for me and held my hand as he walked me around the stage 😢😢
I have dreams of jhope all the time but for some reason I had a weird dream about him in the joseon era..... yeah no lol
I dreamt with ma biases before. One was with GD after finished performing and everyone left he came down and talk to me and all...lol 😂
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