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its pisses me off that u wanna send people death threats all because u dont like something they said . like get over ur self . if i wanted to kill everyone tjat ever said and thing to piss me of the world would have a lot less people . grow the fuck up and leave people alone.
@kpopandkimchi It does :( And it's good to talk about black stereotypes and skin tone because it is an issue, but we should talk about it constructively and maturely not with this nonsense of death threats and just insulting him.
@lamrotamrot Whoa, to be honest I never even thought about that. People get so heated over korean idols saying comments about skin tone or "black stereotypes" but probably cant even tell you how Travon died. That makes me about 1000x more angry and ashamed
It makes me so, so upset. Where were all these people during Travon Martin or Eric Garner. What have these people actually done to act against racism? What do they even understand about racism? What legitimate discussions have they had about colorism in the Kpop industry? He said what he said. He probably did not intend for it to sound colorist. People were offended. He should have apologized and it would have ended there. However, all these death threats are just immature and cruel and being done by people who just want to insult him b/c he's a celebrity. I have seen some comments who calmly explain why they were offended by what he said, but they all get swallowed up by the BS of people who all care about the drama -_-
It makes me even more mad because what he said was among friends who understood that it was a joke. Yes it was a race joke but it wasn't anything that bad he was just commenting on skin color. it wasn't like he was saying derogatory things about the race!
It's so messed up.
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