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its pisses me off that u wanna send people death threats all because u dont like something they said . like get over ur self . if i wanted to kill everyone tjat ever said and thing to piss me of the world would have a lot less people . grow the fuck up and leave people alone.
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It's so messed up.
@kpopandkimchi It does :( And it's good to talk about black stereotypes and skin tone because it is an issue, but we should talk about it constructively and maturely not with this nonsense of death threats and just insulting him.
i just get so tired of all the bs over nothing
@lamrotamrot yeah, I definitely don't think he intended for it to be offensive or else he wouldn't have said it. I think because South Korea is so homogeneous, he is young and South Korea conceptualizes skin color differently than other countries, its almost a no brainer that he's going to be culturally encapsulated and entrenched and that he's not going to be able to conceptualize race and skin color the way people from other countries to do. and none of this makes what he said acceptable but it does make it a bit more understandable.
@NoelleKimberly I agree. I think that he has a large enough international fan base that he should apologize and explain, but all of that is not happening b/c everyone is preoccupied with these vile death threats