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I'm a licker, I like to lick things. Don't ask me why because I do not know. I was going through various scenarios in my head of licking BIGBANG members and thinking how they would react. So, naturally I made a card. Enjoy!!
GD: He'd be like "wtf?" and then giggle uncontrollably.
Seungri: He would lick me back.. *what a naughty boy*
TOP: He would get mad, walk away, and throw a tantrum. I don't think he'd like a stranger licking him very much (Honestly speaking, who in their right mind would?)
Daesung: I feel like he would take it light heartedly and laugh.
Taeyang: I think he would think to his self: "I had it coming, for all those times I took off my shirt"
Don't mind me while I continue to think up scenarios for the rest of the night. Do you think they would respond differently than what I thought up? Comment your thoughts. \[^_^]/
thank you for posting this xD omg I thoroughly enjoy this card
I think these responses are pretty accurate
LOL taeyang "I had it coming. All those times I took off my shirt." hahah