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At this rate these boys will never leave Korea ever again. Like seriously all these threats popping up for Namjoon. Even if they're a joke they should not be spread and I hope the police in Mexico handled this situation seriously. Also even if the boys end up unscathed I'm sure this is mentally scarring for them especially Namjoon who I'm sure will try to blame only himself. UHG.
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I really think we should be able to arrest these girls over these threats. Jokes or not, they're threatening to murder someone and its not going to stop until someone gets in REAL trouble for it. In Korea they have something called the Cyber Police which is a police department solely responsible for crime on the internet...something the rest of the world should consider adopting I think.
I agree with @tayunnie. I'll say this over and over again. Kpop idols are humans too. It's ok to be offended about what he said, in which case let's seriously talk about colorism in Korea and in the Kpop industry, not just what one idol said, but all these death threats are just cruel (even as a joke) and are most probably perpetrated by people who just want to create drama rather than people who are actually concerned about the issue:(
I bet its a fangirl's jealous boyfriend that is afraid if his girl sees them he'll lose her forever... since he can't measure up, he's doing all he can to keep them away ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I really don't know the situation, but it isn't funny so if my joke in my other comment offended someone, I'm sorry... I'm always trying to make things less depressing or upsetting by finding a way to fit a joke in
I wish I could tell them real fans love them and that we apologize on behalf of real ARMY's