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I've honestly had a pretty rough summer. Nothing huge has happened but I've never felt actually depressed like this ever before. I guess depression runs in my family but I never expected to be affected by it, let alone be affected so suddenly.
I know that if I was strong enough I could pull myself out of this mood, and I have for brief periods this summer, but sometimes we need a little help.
I know I'm not the only one having a tough time recently so I wanted to make this post to remind us all that we're valuable people who can pull through anything.

I know it's not easy to accept help

and you can start to feel like a burden when ASKING for help

But this community won't let you be sad alone for long

We'll come at you when you least expect it

and even if our love isn't perfect

We're all in this together

cause we're a FAMILY!

and honestly, more times than not, life is tough

But you've got a shoulder to lean on here

So let's just listen to music and be with our friends

because without darkness, you'd never see the light

so let's at the very least, aim to have a good day - then we can work on good weeks and good years.

Everyone, FIGHTING!

and please know that my inbox is always open to talk about anything. I think we all need a daily reminder that we're worth it.
Aww I love this community hugs everyone of you for making this community what it is and I appreciate you all so much 😄😘❤❤❤
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Awww! I agree. This community won't let anyone be sad for too long. You guys are all amazing and I'm glad I've met and talk to many of you ^_^ *GROUP HUG*
Thank you, things like this is just another reason of why I love this community. You and anyone else are welcome to message me at any time. You guys are not burdens to me. The only thing that could possibly be bothersome in my eyes is seeing your friends hurt but not doing anything about it. You guys aee my friends, you are my family. Even if you don't know me, even if you don't like me. Im here for you♡
this really made my morning
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