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What a wonderful thing to wake up to! My fangirl dreams have come true!! I was really hoping GD would have time to see Se7en at his new musical Elizabeth where Se7en stars as the character Death! And he brought along Taeyang which makes it doubly awesome! (the above photo is from GD's Instagram)
(above photo from Taeyang's Instagram)
(above photo from Se7en's Instagram)
I'm hoping TOP gets to see Se7en too! I miss seeing the Choi Brothers together ♡ YG FAMILY FOR LIFE ♡
I love it when idols support each other
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Yes!!! I love this so much! The fact that Yg still supports it's past artists/coworkers makes me so happy! Like Gummy!
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I miss the Choi Brothers too. I hope they still hang out. @SkullBunneh
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@CandaceJordan I don't think they do much with how busy TOP is traveling. But maybe they send msgs and stuff.
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