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*Vietnamese recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/97295 Preveiw for ep 19 http://www.vingle.net/posts/97669 Here is the 'I MISS YOU' live recap for ep 19 Guys~ I have a short traveling to India for a month, so minky2002 gonna help me for a while! She gonna recap using my ID, so keep following me ;) ---------------------------------------------------------- Let's start ! They appear in the police office. The director of a police office criticizes JW who runs away with SY who is a suspect of murder. JW counteracts that she is not murder and he also insists that you delayed a borrowed-name bank account. It is also crime. Yoon and SY have a three party encounter. Yoon insists YS makes him kill people. YS: How do you know about Harry? Yoon: I just met him at the HTJ's conference. I don't know him well. They fight against each other. At HJ's home. He gets angry because there is no one in his room. He scream out the name of 'JOY'. He reminds her saying .. SY: How do you kill people....with the hand that you help me... JW comes to meet HMR who is in the hospital. JW asks that who manipulates your false testimony..Father ? or Harry? He persuades her to answer the truth. In front of the door. His sister doubts why do people conceal the truth. JW tells Joy is SY, same person. HTJ gives a homily that you have to finish this accident with SY. The director of a police office feels betrayed him because HTJ throws away him. At SY and JW's house, SY's mother introduces him to her but when she look at him, she feels afraid. JW tells that SY is branded as a murder and then he promise to reveal the truth. When he meets HJ's mother, he says your son is sick because of you. JW talks to himself: Hey kid,, before the regret, give yourself up to the police. In the past. HJ: Someone comes here. JW guess that HJ misunderstood that Kim detective was a stranger who brought SY back. SY's mother comes to the police and she feels sorry for her.. because in the past she treated badly... SY's mother insists that today I have to see SY even the investigating.. SY's mother: I'm soory..it's all my fault. SY: No...it's not your fault..even the family violence, you have not once abandoned me. In the Interrogation Room JM and SY's mother watches them. JW: Hey SY..what is this? First kiss + First snow = first love? what is mean? Han jung woo kiss umblella.? When did you want me to get a kiss? SY: What? just stop kkkk kidding kidding. In the hospital, JW's sister persuades HMR to tell the truth. The only person who protects you is JW. Harry plans to leave here with his family,,Joy and his mother. When he goes to foreign country, he will never come here. SY : Take care yourself...(to harry's mother) I just want to know why did you do that at that time.. Because you're in this condition, I couldn't get angry with you so please take care yourself. SY meets EJ SY: Let's seat here. EJ: How could you be laughing even people suspect you as a murder? They are drunken. EJ tell that do not leave me out in the cold if you and my mother get together. EJ and SY make up a quarre in many years. In the shoe shop, SY feels there is Harry in here but she can't find any trace. Harry: Stupid ! Did you already forget the thing with my mother in the past? When she watched his shoes, SY: Don't be afraid...the more you conceal.. the deeper your dark...is... In the police offcie. There is an another accident that is really similar to these murder crimes..like the can behind the break. Actually when Yoon was abused because of his new parents, Harry saved him so Yoon has been obeyed to Harry since then. They spend his DNA to the police office who is in charge of that accident. HJ's mother is tortured by her fault..in the past. HJ's mother: I will give it to him... where is joon? joon.... I am sorry....I'm not that person..... Harry.. watches himself... Harry: Shush! HTJ is coming.. you should not come out...i will go there.... shush ! good job. After they find that Harry's mother disppeared, they are searching for her. SY: Jeong woo! she disappears ! We don't even notice it... now you're hanging around to find her. We have to find her early she is even bare foot ! They find her finally. HJ's mother: I miss him..HJ... SY comes to meet Harry. SY: What are you doing right now? stand up harry! HJ: Don't sympathize me! JW: Don't be foolish. she is in danger.. even you ignore this chance, you may lose your mother. HJ: Get rid of here ! SY, you come here with JW and then you persuade me? I think you two guys are more poor ! Anyone catches me ! JW: Do not get funny with me anymore ! The reason that I do this is for SY. Right now I want to beat you soundly but I suppress because of SY! She gave you the last chance. HJ: What? you come here to say love to her? go away. I wanna you die not my mother ! here is my heaven! (I'm sorry my computer doesn't work well...so it's little lateㅜnㅜ) JW: Do you know what is the heaviest punish? It is room toonself! Alone in the room, alone in your place is the most cruel crime ! Finally before his mom realizes his son, she died.. In the police, they got enough evidence to catch HJ. At that time, HJ comes to SY and JW's car by bike. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Finish :) I posted the preview for ep19 but someone already post it. Oh I didn't know it ㅜnㅜ i will delete mine .... You guys do you know that? Only 2 episodes left to finish.. ㅜㅜ we can't see this couple anymore after 2 ep..i feel really empty.... Anyway see you next week.!!!!!
thanks^^ 2 episodes left awwww here we go, wait for another week just for watching uri jung woo get shoot noooooooooo >,<
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